Land Access Resources in B.C. – Linking Land And Farmers LLAF

Linking Land and Farmers (LLAF) provides land access resources for landowners and land seekers in British Columbia with the goal of seeing as much land as possible in agricultural production. We provide resources for a range of land tenure models (lease, license, MOU), sample land share agreements, information on legislation, what to look for when acquiring land, farm transfer and farm sucession and more. Looking for land in BC or thinking of making your land available for farming? Start with LLAF.

Resources you want to see included? Great sample agreement you want to share? Contact us and help the resources grow!

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Disclaimer: LLAF shares general information about land tenure in B.C. with the goal of supporting more people in accessing land. The information is not intended to provide legal or professional advice. Our site contains links to external sites and we cannot assure accuracy of these third party sites. We strive to provide accurate information although cannot guarantee all resources are up-to-date. Although we apologize for any errors or omissions we assume no liability in this regard and reserve the right to revise information at any time.